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Old books smell faintly like vanilla.

Lignin is found in both plant cell walls and paper. And when lignin degrades it’s converted to vanilin, a chemical naturally found in vanilla beans. So old books smell faintly like vanilla.

Vanilla, papers.

My name is Dee and I write about slow living, creativity and simple pleasures.

Born in Poland, I was raised in the US and I’m now settled in Cairo, Egypt, with my husband and two cats.

Vanilla Papers is about embracing moments of stillness in a society that worships busyness.

It’s about exploring your creativity and the messy, vulnerable process of expressing yourself.

And it’s about slowing down and being intentional with your time.

Because slow living shouldn’t be reserved for weekends. It should be part of your daily routine through small yet consistent habits.

My story

My journey towards slow living began after I quit my job at a business magazine. I asked myself what I really wanted from life. And I realized I’d strayed too far from my passions and values.

So I decluttered my home and donated my unworn cardigans. Then I asked myself what makes a meaningful life – and I narrowed my focus down to the essentials.

I’m still on that path and learning as I go. And the more I grow, the more I want to inspire others towards a slower life.

Press & Features

My writing has been featured in No Sidebar, Forest Nation, Project We Travel and Passion Passport.

I write about slow living, authentic travel and my insights along the way. I send out a regular newsletter – you can subscribe here. I’ve also written stories on how to get started with slow living, and how to control your time on social media.

I occasionally collaborate with brands like InterContinental Cairo, Glow and Mapiful on sponsored content that promotes slow living and sustainability.