An empty gratitude journal lays open on a grey desk next to a smaller notebook filled with watercolor sketches, a yellow pencil and a large paperweight rock.

35 Gratitude Journal Prompts (For Stress, Anxiety And More)

We spend so much of our lives worrying and planning for the future. And it’s easy to take things for granted in the rush of everyday life.

A gratitude journal is a perfect reminder to live more in the present and appreciate everything you have.

But it’s not always easy to start writing. And it’s not easy to make gratitude journaling an interesting practice. Just writing lists of things you’re grateful for get old quickly.

I’ve been journaling for decades and I love to use prompts to enrich my writing and get fresh inspiration.

The benefits of gratitude journaling

Gratitude journaling is a life-changing practice that’s proven to make you happier and less anxious.

It helps you sleep better, reduces stress and boosts your self-esteem. And that’s pretty incredible for something that only takes a few minutes a day.

So if you’re looking to start a gratitude journal, here’s my ultimate list of thought-provoking prompts to help you get the most from your writing.

Gratitude journal prompts for everyday use

A gratitude journal lays open on a grey desk next to a bowl full of erasers, colored pencils and a small notebook with watercolor sketches.

1. What is the first thing that made you smile today?
2. Describe one positive thing in your life that you often take for granted.
3. Describe something delicious you ate recently.
4. Write a thank you letter to someone who’s recently made a positive impact in your life.
5. What everyday object (that’s near you right now) are you grateful for?
6. Describe three things you love about your home and the place you live.
7. What is a small act of kindness you’ve experienced recently?
8. Describe three activities that really bring you joy.
9. What is a beautiful moment in nature that you’ve experienced recently?
10. Describe someone who’s supported you in a difficult period of your life.
11. What three qualities do you posses that you’re grateful for?
12. List three ways you’re wiser now than a year ago.
13. Think about a challenge that you’re currently facing. What are you learning from the experience?
14. What things help you find happiness and purpose in your life?
15. List something new that you’ve learned recently.

Gratitude journal prompts for happiness

Dee's hand holds open a blank gratitude journal next to some green potted plants shining in the sun and a bowl of erasers, watercolors and crayons.

16. Describe what qualities you admire most about your loved ones.
17. Write a thank you letter to yourself. Give yourself credit for your accomplishments and efforts.
18. List three things you’ve done recently that brought you closer to your goals (personal or professional).
19. Describe three of your favorite ways to relax
20. Write about someone who always makes you laugh and brightens your mood.
21. Write a thank you letter to a mentor or role model who’s made a positive impact on your life.
22. Describe one of the nicest things someone has said to you.
23. Write about an opportunity that you’ve grateful for (big or small).
24. Write about three things you’re looking forward to (big or small).
25. Write about one of your senses (sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing) and describe something great you’ve experienced through that sense recently.

Gratitude journal prompts for mental health

A gratitude journal lays open in the golden sun surrounded by potted plants, a small watercolor sketch and a bowl of crayons.

26. Write about a movie, book, museum or any piece of art you’ve experienced recently that you’re grateful for.
27. What is the biggest thing you’re looking forward to tomorrow?
28. Describe a happy childhood memory (big or small).
29. What is your favorite destination you’ve visited recently?
30. What is your favorite time of day and how do you spend it?
31. Describe a scent that really makes you happy.
32. Describe a recent meeting you really enjoyed with friends.
33. List three of your greatest strengths.
34. Describe a place that really makes you feel comfortable.
35. What is your favorite way to move your body (that makes you feel good)?

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