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10 Simple And Powerful Journal Prompts For Daily Use

Struggling with writer’s block? Here are some simple but powerful journal prompts you’ll love for daily use.

I don’t know what I’d do without my daily journaling sessions. I love those 20 minutes on my balcony with my first cup of coffee and a thick spiral-bound notebook in my lap.

There’s no better way to clear you head, understand yourself and instantly lift your mood than to journal. It’s a life-changing practice that has countless benefits to your mental and even physical health.

But sometimes that blank page is daunting. Sometimes I have absolutely nothing to say and I find myself chewing my nails or gazing off into space.

Sounds familiar? If you’ve ever tried to start a daily journaling habit, you know how difficult it is sometimes to get writing.

And there are periods in life when you’re dealing with depression, anxiety or burnout. Those are challenging times when you need journaling the most – and ironically when you’re probably too busy or unmotivated to pick up your pen.

A focused journaling session that targets those issues motivates you to keep writing – and helps you deal with whatever life throws your way.

What are journal prompts?

Journal prompts are questions, suggested topics or broad ideas designed to get you writing for a specific purpose. Journal prompts range from hyper-specific questions to broad statements that encourage you to reflect on different topics.

Prompts are life-savers on the days you’re stuck with writer’s block. They can be springboards for self-reflection that bring up insights you never considered.

Prompts are a powerful journaling technique that can spark your creativity and help you manage depression and anxiety. They get you to think differently and give you new perspectives on your life.

How to use journaling prompts

I usually keep a list of journaling prompts tucked inside my notebook for whenever I have writer’s block or want to focus on a specific issue.

I have my prompts printed out on paper and handy inside my notebook.

I don’t recommend searching online for prompts just before you start writing. Scrolling your phone is too time-consuming and distracting when you just want to get journaling. Plus it’s easy to get sucked into social media or other distractions on your phone (I know it is for me!)

So print out your favorite journal prompts for easy access. Or make a handwritten list of prompts gathered from blogs, books and Pinterest. Make your prompts within easy reach for days when you’re rushed, exhausted or unmotivated.

The easier you make it for yourself to journal, the more likely you’ll be to stick with the habit.

Keep a few lists of different journal prompts for self-discovery, anxiety and stress to suit whatever challenges you come up against. If you’re feeling anxious on any given day, for example, then focus on your list of anxiety and stress prompts.

What is a good daily journal prompt?

A good daily journal prompt is specific enough to get you inspired but also flexible enough to be used every day.

Use a daily journal prompt to spark self-reflection, foster gratitude and clarify your goals. These are methods that are always relevant and helpful.

Here are 10 great daily journal prompts:

1. What are 3 things you’re letting go of?

2. What are 3 things you’re working towards?

3. What are 3 things you’re grateful for right now?

4. How does your body and mind feel at this moment?

5. What is one negative thought you’re having and how can you challenge it?

6. What is the biggest obstacle you’re facing right now and how can you find 2 possible solutions?

7. What distractions are getting in your way?

8. What are you learning about yourself?

9. What is the best and worst thing about your relationships right now? About how you relate to others?

10. How are you feeling, and what is causing those feelings?

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