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Best Things To Do In Prescott, Arizona

Prescott has a charming downtown and plenty of shopping that’s perfect for a day trip. Here’s my guide for the best things to do in Prescott.

With its historic downtown, old elm trees and white-columned courthouse twinkling with lights, Prescott deserves its official designation as Arizona’s “Christmas City.”

It feels like a real-life Bedfort Falls from the film It’s a Wonderful Life: quaint and independent, with a motto that it’s “everybody’s hometown.”

But there are none of the cowboy cliches you’ll find in some other Arizona cities.

Prescott boasts Victorian style homes, museums on local history, and a historic Whiskey Row that includes The Palace, the state’s oldest frontier saloon and bar.

The city likes its booze. When a great fire in 1900 nearly destroyed all of Whiskey Row, the patrons reportedly took their drinks across the street to watch the flames from the courthouse square.

Many of the historic buildings have been converted to boutiques and restaurants. Prescott is great for browsing antique shops and art galleries. There’s also a small liberal arts college and a thriving indie music scene.

The Peregrine Book Company is incredible for browsing. This independent bookstore boasts a choice selection of staff picks, comic books and bookish curiosities.

There are plenty of boutiques for unique Christmas gifts, too. Whether that’s the latest novel, some turquoise jewellery or soaps infused with local herbs.

With its laid-back vibes, tree-lined courthouse plaza and offbeat antique shops, Prescott is ideal for slow travel.

It’s also an uplifting look at what’s best in small-town American life.

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