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15 Inspiring Slow Living Instagram Accounts

Looking for some inspiration for a slower lifestyle? Here are the best slow living Instagram accounts to follow.

If Instagram makes you compare yourself to others, then add some slow living inspiration to your feed for some more empowered scrolling.

These slow living Instagram accounts all have gorgeous photos and Reels. But they’re not just about aesthetics.

They’re also vulnerable, honest and thoughtful. And that means they have that uncanny ability to inspire you without making you feel inadequate or demotivated.

These women will inspire you to slow down, appreciate the little things and find your own authentic self in a society driven by speed.

Here are the best slow living Instagram accounts to follow:

slow living instagram accounts

slow living instagram accounts

Topics: slow conscious living, foraging, wild swimming, ethical clothing and slow crafts.

Elsa is a fount of slow living inspiration with her realistic, everyday vlogs that feature yoga, self-care routines and slow moments in luscious nature.

From taking cold plunges in a local river to lighting candles and meditating, Elsa embodies a slow living lifestyle that’s also unpretentious and practical.

Elsa shares quotes and motivation that inspire you to live slower, eat better and spend more time in nature.

Her Reels show snippets from her life that feature healthy homemade food, happy moments with friends and moments spent foraging in the forest.

She also has great recommendations for natural skincare and hosts slow living retreats that focus on female friendships.

2. @fieldandnest

slow living instagram accounts

slow living instagram accounts

Topics: simple living in the countryside, sustainable style and slow travel.

Emma is a beautiful Yorkshire-based photographer who’ll inspire you to travel slower and live more seasonally with her dreamy images and Reels.

Emma is a quiet observer of nature and captures breathtaking still lifes and florals in the rural countryside.

She travels slowly and dives deeper into destinations by taking her time and really savoring the place.

Emma also runs a book club if you need inspiration to slow down and read more engaging novels. She’s always a great source of recommendations for literary and women’s fiction.

Lately her feed includes some great sustainable fashion and gardening advice, too.

3. @sorelleamore 

slow living instagram accounts

slow living instagram accounts

Topics: freedom, financial independence and the digital nomad lifestyle. 

Sorelle may not fit into your typical slow living aesthetic, but she tells incredible stories about dropping out of the rat race and living authentically.

Sorelle’s stories focus on freedom. What does it really mean to be free? Is freedom a financial status or a mental state?

As a digital nomad who retired at 33, Sorelle’s own life is the story of leaving behind societal expectation and the corporate life.

She now works on her laptop on the beach. But it doesn’t end there.

Sorelle has an infectious excitement about inspiring others and bringing them closer to their own dreams of independence.

She recently launched a project called FreeHuman that tells stories of people who live unconventional lives. The series digs deep into questions about freedom – and how to make it happen for you.

4. @yaknowme_hitomi 

slow living youtube

slow living instagram accounts

Topics: healing, wholesome energy, meditation and yummy vegan recipes.

Hitomi is a gentle soul healing itself through meditation, alone time spent in nature and honest female friendships.

She loves doing yoga in the outdoors, making art and getting creative.

She communicates with an inspiring honesty about the struggles she fights to overcome, including body image and confidence issues.

Hitomi will inspire you with healthy vegan meals, breath work and affirmations, self-acceptance and a boundless energy to be yourself.

5. @isa.paige

slow living youtube

slow living instagram accounts

Topics: off-grid living, seasonal living, slow travel and vegan recipes. 

Isabel lives in a tiny wooden home in the woods of the Pacific Northwest.

And her feed is full of inspiration for seasonal living in tune with nature.

Isabel showcases a minimal, off-grid and self-reliant lifestyle that’s experienced on her own terms.

Isabel worked a minimum wage job and saved all her tips to afford her move to the mountains. She started a small half-acre farm and used all her money to build a tiny house.

Her simple life is an inspiration to make things with your own hands, enjoy the beauty of nature and live seasonally.

6. @jonnajinton

slow living youtube

slow living instagram accounts

Topics: art and creativity, local traditions, preserving the environment and seasonal living. 

Jonna lives in the woods of Northern Sweden where she paints large-scale abstract paintings, plays a harmonica, crafts silver jewelry and documents the breathtaking landscapes around her.

She’s an incredible storyteller and a passionate advocate for preserving the rugged Northern Swedish forests.

Whether she’s singing old Swedish lullabies, documenting the skies of the Northern Lights or building her own art studio, Jonna is a real inspiration for a slower and more creative life.

7. @the_cottage_fairy 

slow living influencers

slow living instagram accounts

Topics: creativity, rural living, seasonal living, managing expectations and self-care. 

Paola is a bookish introvert and a watercolor artist living in a country cottage in the mountains of rural Washington State.

Her stories are an inspiration for being your unapologetic self, embracing your quiet introversion and taking inspiration from nature.

Paola writes about simple and quiet living, baking, homemade crafts and living on a budget.

She also shares insights into making friends, unlearning what success means and overcoming crippling anxiety.

Paola’s whimsical art will inspire you to step away from social media, get creative and spend more time in nature.

8. @verdant.vanille

slow living influencers

slow living instagram accounts

Topics: overcoming self-doubt, following your dreams and dealing with failure. 

Verdant Vanille is a raw and authentic voice on overcoming your negative self-talk, leaving the 9-5 life and following your dreams – and failing.

She exposes her own faults and flaws while speaking honestly about the fear that comes with taking risks.

Verdant Vanille is one of the most authentic voices on my Instagram feed and she’s an endless inspiration to trust your gut and fight for yourself.

Despite the obstacles she encounters, Verdant Vanille keeps striving to live on her own terms.

9. @alysonsimplygrows

slow living influencers

slow living instagram accounts

Topics: low-waste, gardening and natural essences.

Alyson is the herbalist and slow living advocate behind Earth Star Herbals, a flower essences shop.

Alyson’s feed is lush, natural and green, filled with the small details of her rural family life.

She writes about “living wildly, simply,” running a low-waste cottage and homesteading. And her beautiful captions are filled with simple moments that bring joy in difficult times.

Alyson writes eloquently on growing food as a reclamation to her connection with the natural world. She writes about raising children who run barefoot in the garden and have memories of watching the seasons change.

Her words are testament to the regenerative powers of nature to heal the pains of racism and oppression.

10. @elin.loow

slow living instagram accounts

slow living instagram accounts

Topics: creativity, following your passion and diving into your interests.

Elin is a creative coach and writer exploring the links between slow living and creativity in her colorful feed with dashes of the Swedish forest.

From bookish recommendations to thoughts on finding your spark and defining your focus, Elin’s captions offer a reflective look at creativity and following your passion.

Elin also shares insights on getting out of a creative funk and diving deeper into meaningful hobbies.

11. @heitermagazine

slow living instagram accounts

minimalism influencers

Topics: joyful everyday moments, creativity and parenting. 

Kiki is a conscious lifestyle and fashion writer who’s all about celebrating those joyful everyday moments she calls “heiter.”

Her feed reflects her simple life in the Austrian countryside and her appreciation of the present – whether that’s a cup of coffee or a walk in the woods.

Kiki is also great at building community and inspiring people.

She posts regular prompts that invite her followers to find joy in ordinary moments – from cloud gazing to making a wreath.

She’s also genuine in sharing reflections about parenting and raising her son.

12. @indyofficinalis

slow living blogger

minimalism influencers

Topics: urban gardening, healthy eating and reconnecting with nature.

Indy is an urban gardener and forager in Los Angeles, and an impassioned advocate for land ownership and the reclamation of farming for Black people.

Her feed is full of beautiful warm tones, baskets of vegetables and dazzling yellow flowers.

And her captions range from the powerful statements of an activist to the reflective musings of a poet.

Her feed is inspiration for anyone in the big city looking to reconnect with nature – and maybe grow a few veggies of their own.

13. @tinyambitions

slow living blogger

minimalism influencers

Topics: slow travel, thrifting and minimal living. 

Britt is a blogger writing about minimalism, intentional living and nature from her Ontario home.

Her feed is a spontaneous and down-to-earth look at eclectic topics like yoga and the power of tiny habits like reading and meditation.

She writes about doing the best with what you have, re-purposing clothes and thrifting.

Britt is a reassuring voice that the life you’re living is enough. And that we can’t let other people or corporations make us feel like we need more.

14. @simplyy_sarah_

slow living blogger

minimalism influencers

Topics: intentional motherhood, slow and simple living. 

Sarah writes about slow living as a mother – and all the challenges of balancing rest while raising a young family.

Her feed is packed with practical advice and real-life tips to pausing as a slow living mama, meal prepping, mindful moments, outdoor time and connecting with your children.

A lot of her content on slow living comes from a Christian perspective, but it’s relevant to mothers of all convictions.

Sarah will inspire you to make tiny changes towards slowing down in your everyday life, from putting your phone down during conversations to enjoying quiet without background noise.

15. @fairylandcottage

slow living on instagram

minimalism influencers

Topics: healthy recipes, simple living and natural products for well-being.

Fairyland Cottage transforms you to a rural Irish cottage where life revolves around the seasons.

Fairyland Cottage has a beautiful aesthetic and a slow pace that’s calming to watch.

There’s lots of practical advice on living in tune with nature’s seasons. And there are brilliant insights into sustainability, cutting back on screen time and finding joy in life’s simpler pleasures.

Fairyland Cottage is both an escape to a quiet rural life – and a practical guide to implement wherever you live.


Instagram isn’t always a prime destination for slow living – the aspirational feeds can leave you feeling ordinary and inadequate.

But there’s some real magic to be found on the gram.

Add these inspiring women to your feed for some fresh voices that will empower you towards a slower lifestyle – on your own terms.

I would love to hear from you. What are your favorite slow living Instagram accounts? 


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