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24 Inspiring Slow Living Instagram Accounts

Here are some incredible slow living Instagram accounts to follow for practical tips and inspiration.

These stunning slow living Instagram accounts all include beautiful aesthetics. But they’re not purely about visuals.

These accounts offer insightful captions to empower you in daily square-sized tidbits to slow down, appreciate the little things and find joy in the everyday.

1. @vanilla_papers

vanilla papers instagram

My own account (I know, I know) is a great place to start. It’s a blend of slow living, creativity and journaling content – along with some gorgeous nature shots from my travels around Egypt. I paint an honest image of simple living and its challenges. Without the cliches.

My posts often touch on creativity – whether it’s taking time to appreciate how far you’ve progressed in your work, sharing your creations before you think they’re “good enough,” and other struggles that creatives often face.

I’m an expat living in Egypt who’s passionate about slow living and travel off the beaten path. I work for myself as a blogger after more than a decade in the journalism and media industry.

My Instagram page is an echo of everything that inspires me, while remaining practical and honest.

2. @alysonsimplygrows

slow living instagram accounts

Alyson is the herbalist and slow living advocate behind Earth Star Herbals, a shop offering flower essences for healing.

Alyson’s Instagram is lush, natural and green, filled with the small details of her rural family life. A child watering a garden, a single flower on the windowsill or a rope swing over a pond.

She writes about “living wildly, simply,” running a low-waste cottage and homesteading. And her beautiful captions are filled with simple things that bring joy in difficult times.

Alyson writes eloquently on growing food as a reclamation to her connection with the natural world, and raising children who run barefoot in the garden and have memories of watching the seasons change. Her words are testament to the regenerative powers of nature to heal the pains of racism and oppression.

3. @bea_mangar

simple living instagram

Bea is a Mauritian business coach and “personal brand architect,” and a long-time global nomad currently in Albania. She writes about slow living and building a business that reflects your values.

Her “Slowdown in Lockdown” series features interviews on integrating slow living into everyday life, the benefits of slowing down, and intentional routines.

Bea is a bright and energetic soul who’s passionate about empowering creatives in their business. Her captions offer invaluable advice on growing a business without the hustle or burn-out.

From dancing on TikTok to long and motivational captions, Bea is a much-needed reminder that fulfilling work should be joyful.

4. @beckabellastyle

minimalism instagram

Rebecca is a lifestyle coach, interior designer and slow living advocate with a beautiful beige feed that touches on personal growth and small daily joys.

Rebecca offers tips on boosting your energy by not defining your value by your follower count. She’s also a big believer in the power of gratitude and appreciating the little things.

There are also plenty of quick and simple interior design tips from hanging wall art to brightening a space by bringing some of the outdoors inside.

And for these quarantine days, Rebecca has many powerful reminders on taking life one day at a time and breathing deep to still anxiety.

5. @elin.loow

intentional living instagram

Elin is a creative coach and writer exploring the links between slow living and creativity in her bright and beautiful feed with dashes of the Swedish forest.

From recommendations for leisurely summer reads to thoughts on finding your spark and defining your focus, Elin’s captions are gentle and reflective ways of looking at creativity and following your passion.

Elin has also been sharing her experiences of creating during the pandemic. She shares insights on how to get out of a creative funk and dive deeper into a long-time hobbies.

6. @from_jenn

sustainable lifestyle instagram

Jennifer is a slow living writer in Los Angeles who often writes about mindfulness, sustainability and creativity. Her feed is bright with greenery and snippets of LA life.

But Jenn is also refreshingly real and authentic in her approach to slow living. Jenn lives in a big city and knows that sometimes slow living means just a few moments of meditation on a tiny balcony.

From managing a mindful wardrobe to finding an hour to wander a secluded beach, Jenn is a fresh voice in slow living that’s realistic and down-to-earth. She’s also an impassioned writer on civil rights and equality.

7. @giuliawrites

sustainable living instagram

Giulia’s account is all about creativity and intentional living, with prompts for writers on journaling and finding your voice.

Her feed is from the pale and minimal tradition with beautiful flatlays and quotes that will inspire you to pick up a pen – and make writing a messy but joyful practice.

Giulia is also an avid reader who’ll inspire you to find solace, inspiration and direction in books. She’s also a guiding light on finding direction and prioritizing what’s most important.

From making vision boards and learning how to trust yourself, to prompts for starting journaling and overcoming self-doubt, Giulia’s multi-faceted approach to writing will inspire you with new approaches.

8. @heitermagazine

slow living instagrammers

Katharina, or Kiki, is a conscious lifestyle and fashion writer who’s all about celebrating those joyful everyday moments she calls “heiter moments.” Her beautiful feed reflects her simple life in the Austrian countryside and her appreciation of the present, whether that’s a cup of coffee or a walk in the woods.

Kiki is also great at building community and inspiring people. She posts regular prompts that invite her followers to find joy in ordinary moments, from cloud gazing to making a wreath.

She’s also wonderfully genuine in sharing reflections of parenting and raising her son.

9. @ilziliana

minimalism instagrammers

Ilze is a “forest spirit” whose account focuses on reconnecting with nature and finding joy, energy and calm in the trees surrounding her English countryside home.

Her Instagram Stories are always a joy to watch: Ilze loves running through the forest and impromptu dancing. Her poetic captions capture her wandering, imaginative spirit.

From finding hope in difficult times to feeling like you’re enough, Ilze’s feed is a diverse look at creativity and nature. Ilze is also an impassioned speaker on environmental issues like plastic in our oceans.

10. @indyofficinalis

sustainability in the city

Indy is an urban gardener and forager in Los Angeles, and an impassioned advocate for land ownership and the reclamation of farming for Black people.

Her feed is full of beautiful warm tones, baskets of vegetables and dazzling yellow flowers. And her captions range from the powerful statements of an activist to the reflective musings of a poet.

Indy manages an urban garden in LA’s skid row, a community of houseless people. I love watching her Instagram stories when she distributes food to the locals.

Her feed is inspiration for anyone in the big city looking to reconnect with nature – or maybe grow a few veggies too.

11. @inkysquare

best instagrammers to follow

Gaelle is a beautiful calligrapher whose dark and moody feed showcases her cursive script in ink on textured paper.

From the pleasures of learning a new skill and working on anti-racism, to finding peace in a quiet walk along the river, Gaelle’s feed captures simple everyday moments in a life driven by creativity.

Gaelle’s recent hashtag #PaperInTheFrame is also a great way to explore other calligraphers and artists working across mediums.

Her creativity is inspiring. I love her series of bottles sealed with handwritten notes inside.

12. @journaljunky

journalling instagrammers

Nicole is a journaling mentor for women looking to deepen their journaling practice for personal and business growth. Her feed is a mixture of beautiful photography and inspiring quotes that will get you writing and looking inward.

Nicole is full of insights on how to get through quiet seasons when your words just don’t seem to flow. Or how to get your thoughts out without being judgemental.

Her captions are poignant calls to action yet resonant with patience and reflection. I love her insights on using writing to get in touch with your purpose.


wellness instagrammers

Hanaa is an Egyptian wellness blogger who writes about self-love and sustainability, with a nice mix of reviews and skincare mixed in.

From looking on the bright side of working from home, to reflections on being anti-racist or saving Cairo’s stray animals, Hanaa is a kind and gentle soul who’s an advocate for slow living.

Hanaa writes about planning and affirmations, the power of saying no, and the magic of staying hydrated. Her passion and authenticity always shine through her eclectic mix of topics.

She’s also a writer at @thedailycrisp, a health and wellness magazine that’s a great starting point for all things slow living in Egypt.

14. @lyriell

instagram wellness

Lyriel is a Greek woman living in Philadelphia, where she mixes her dreamy, low tox blends of essential oils and writes on slow living and plant magic.

Her feed is bright and minimal with splashes of pink and interior shots of her home.

She’s incredibly insightful on the power of scent and aromatherapy, and the importance of getting rid of the chemical products in your life.

Lyriel also offers insights on using essential oils in your everyday life.

Her photos capture beautiful everyday moments, whether that’s a cup of tea or breakfast in bed. And if you’re looking to start your fragrant journey, Lyriel also offers some beautiful starter kits.

15. @me_and_orla

minimal instagram

Sara’s account is probably the first I discovered in the slow living community. And she’s still such an inspiration for creativity, creating a business on your own terms and photographing everyday moments.

Her photos offer a look into her cozy Yorkshire home and her moments of everyday magic, whether that’s a beautiful view of the countryside, a playful cat or a beam of sunlight on a flower vase.

Whether it’s discovering the nature just steps away from her home, or not worrying anymore what others think, Sara is an endless inspiration on authenticity and honoring your creativity.

And while this list is all about Instagram, in Sara’s case I have to add: she has an incredible community and is genuinely supportive in a way that accounts with huge follower numbers rarely are.

Sara’s monthly Twitter chats, her podcast, newsletter and blog are also invaluable resources, often sprinkled with free guides.

If you’re new to slow living and looking for a springboard to start, you can’t find a better place.

16. @mogli.rivers

yoga instagram

Mogli is a herbalist writing about ancient herbal care, seasonal living, parenting and yoga in her moody feed full of natural remedies.

From doing anti-racism work while taking care of yourself, to grounding yourself with yoga and moments with family, Mogli’s voice is both powerful and tender.

Mogli also offers reflections on parenting, recipes for natural remedies and information on the power of underrated “weeds” like plantain. Her feed is an inspiring call to reconnect with nature and harness its powers towards meaningful activism and growth.

17. @mysimplelondon

simplicity instagram

Ruth writes about living intentionally and sustainability in her muted feed full of greenery and snippets of her Southeast London life.

From tips on buying quality over quantity to insights on slowing down with creativity, Ruth is a great advocate for the power of creativity and reflection in stressful times.

I love Ruth’s posts on gardening and propagating plants, or taking weekends off without social media.

18. @nanhes.jungle

how to live slow

Nanhe is probably my favorite account on Instagram right now. Her writing is rich, descriptive and poetic. And she is masterful at bringing people together and building community with her #DaysOfSimpleAndSlow hashtag and her live interviews with other slow living Instagrammers.

Nanhe’s Instagram Stories feature some beautiful nature that surrounds her home in the Belgium marshlands.

And her feed is full of the slow and simple moments that enrich everyday life, from the pleasures of writing and self-expression to a vase full of wild daisies on the windowsill.

Nanhe is a thinker, philosopher and writer whose beautiful prose matches the beauty of her images.

19. @our.kindred

simplicity instagram

Charlie’s warm-toned feed is all about slow, intentional family life, rural living and authenticity.

From tips on moving away from fast fashion to thoughts on the misconceptions behind slow living (it’s not always magical and perfect), Charlie’s feed is a wealth of no-nonsense insights.

She offers tips on managing external stress and gives plenty of slow living activity ideas listed by seasons – many of which are kid-friendly.

Charlie’s account is a well-rounded look at slow living – from creating calm interiors to the importance of reflecting.

20. @pleasingpauses

simple nature

Anna writes about gratitude, slow living and nature, with beautiful everyday captures from her Belgian home.

From slow weekend rituals and recipes to exploring the greenery of a nearby forest, Anna captures the simple moments that make up a slower life. Most recently I’ve been loving her reflections on home schooling and lockdown life. And now the rewards of a lingering summer holiday.

I love her nature photography and her shots of barley fields, wildflowers and rural country roads, along with her reflections on the passing seasons.

21. @storisse

storytelling instagram

Alex is a beautiful storyteller that focuses on finding magic in the mundane.

She’s also incredible at growing community on Instagram and through her podcast, My Beautiful Stories, where she gathers memorable and magical narratives from an array of contributors.

She’s an inspiring voice that brings issues like racism and the environment to the forefront and leads discussions through the power of shared experiences.

I love reading Alex’s stories of growing up during the Romanian revolution, or her narratives about the houseless people she’s worked with. There’s always a thread of shared humanity that permeates her writing.

22. @thisiscallahan

slow travel instagram

Callahan is a travel creative who writes about everyday adventures and mindful living.

Her feed is a rich and saturated feast of Tennessee landscapes, travel photography and snippets of nature and the outdoors.

I love her focus on slow travel and planning ahead to enjoy quality time vs. a quantity of attractions.

Callahan also writes about the power of ritual and routines in creating new habits for a slower life. She reflects on the joyful practice of art as a powerful force, and her resources are designed to unblock creativity and let it run wild.

23. @tinyambitions

sustainability instagrammers

Britt is a blogger writing about minimalism, intentional living and nature from her Ontario home.

Her feed is a spontaneous and down-to-earth look at eclectic topics like white privilege, yoga and the power of tiny habits like reading or meditation when done consistently.

She touches on topics like doing the best with what you’ve got, repurposing clothes and thrifting during the pandemic.

Britt is a reassuring voice that the life you’re living is enough. And that we can’t let other people or corporations make us feel like we need more.

24. @vynisha_wilscott

slow living instagram

Vynisha writes about slow living and topics like mindful homemaking and seasonal living. Her gorgeous feed shows snippets from her garden. And there are simple pleasures like a vase of grocery store tulips or an evening conversation with friends.

Vynisha also shares reflections on taking care of yourself while being a mother, and the tradition of slow living in the Black community. There are also plenty of recipes for home remedies and nourishing foods.

Her feed offers simple things we can do in everyday life to nurture ourselves and ward of anxiety.

For more to follow in the slow living community, read my post 11 Must-Read Slow Living & Minimalism Blogs.

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