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How To Start A Manifestation Journal (That Really Works)

A manifestation journal is a life-changing tool that uses the law of attraction to bring your goals and dreams to reality.

It shifts your perspective and gets rid of the limiting beliefs that stop you from making changes.

A manifestation journal is a place to visualize the future you want and imagine the person you want to be. It opens your mind and widens your perspective by bringing positive thinking into your life.

When coupled with concise goals and action, it’s a life-changing journaling technique that makes distant dreams achievable.

Use the popular 369 method to start. Write down what you’d like to manifest three times in the morning, six times during the day and nine times in the evening.

The benefits: improves your mood, increases mindfulness and gratitude.

Writer’s tip: Write daily to give your manifestations more power. Write in the present tense in concise and detailed language about what you want in life and who you want to become.

Manifestation journal example:

I finally launched my own marketing agency, with a few select employees that I value and clients that respect my work and value my creativity. I love coming into work in the morning with an iced coffee and catching up with the team. We bounce ideas off each other and we work in collaboration, not competition.

the art of slow living



  • Ellen Carr

    I really resonate with this post Dee. I’ve definitely realised the importance of routine recently, and that’s something I’ve been thinking on, writing on and experimenting with a lot lately. I so recognise myself in those big promises to ‘rest more’, ‘slow down’ etc. and although I definitely had a Marie-Kondo decluttering catalyst moment to making changes in my life, it always comes back to those small daily changes. Right now I’m reminding myself to build the days I want and shape my business around those, rather than the other way around.

    • Dee

      Thanks so much, Ellen! I’m happy this has resonated with you.. For me it once seemed strange to schedule in things that I should be looking forward to, but I’ve realized there’s no better way to make the time for doing what you love.

  • Dee

    Thank you, Giulia! Yes we seem to agree on so many things 🙂 All of this extra time has really helped me to clarify what’s most important and I really hope I don’t forget that once things go back to normal.

  • ilovetyping

    I love this blog! I’m trying to slow down and live a more mindful life and this blog has been a great resource. Thanks for writing!

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