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How To Start A Manifestation Journal: 10 Easy Tips

A manifestation journal lets you visualize the person you want to be. And it gives you the confidence to take action towards your dreams.

A manifestation journal can really change your life.

But how to start a manifestation journal that actually works? And how do you keep writing and trusting in the process?

If you want a better life through manifestation journaling, then you have to actually start writing and stay consistent.

You’ve got to push through that first awkward phase, conquer writer’s block and believe in the process until it actually starts working.

I’ve kept a journal for decades and here’s my ultimate guide to manifestation journaling – along with insider tips and all the pitfalls to avoid! 

What is the law of attraction?

A manifestation journal lays open on a desk with white flowers, colored pencils and bits of greenery on top. There's also a wooden bowl on the desk filled with small envelopes.

Manifestation uses the law of attraction, which states that positive thoughts and energy bring positive things into your life.

The law of attraction is the basic premise that turns your manifestations into reality.

When coupled with action, manifestation journaling is a life-changing technique that makes your distant dreams achievable.

But start simply and slowly. Use straightforward techniques that actually work.

What is a manifestation journal?

A manifestation journal is a place to write down your goals and desires.

It’s a place to describe your dream life as if you’re already living it. And it trains your brain to believe in the possibility of your dreams.

How does a manifestation journal work?

A cup of tea with lemon stands on a black surface next to a brown journal and a cup of colored pencils.

Research shows that writing down your goals makes you far more likely to achieve them.

And repeating statements to yourself trains your mind to accept them as truth.

If you ever get down on yourself, then you know how negative self-talk leads to depression, anxiety and despair.

Now imagine the impact of speaking to yourself in a loving and nurturing way.

Imagine what you’d believe about yourself if you visualized having the life you want.

How to start a manifestation journal

Use the popular 369 method to start a manifestation journal. Write down what you’d like to manifest three times in the morning, six times during the day and nine times in the evening.

The benefits: improves your mood, increases mindfulness and gratitude.

Writer’s tip: Write daily to give your manifestations more power. Write in the present tense in detail about what you want to achieve.

Manifestation journal examples

A woman's hand writes in a white manifestation journal with a beige pen.

  • A gratitude journal makes you more appreciative and optimistic about your life. And when you feel better, you’re more motivated to improve yourself. Start simply by writing about 3 things you’re grateful for every morning.
  • The 5×55 method means writing an intention 55 times daily for five days. This method cements your goals and helps you avoid distractions.
  • Positive affirmations means writing down positive statements about yourself to counteract your negative self-beliefs. Set a timer for 10 minutes and write in detail about everything you like about yourself.
  • Future scripting means writing about your ideal future life as if you’re already living it. Write in present tense with as much detail as possible. Future scripting familiarizes your mind with a new reality and makes it easier to take bold actions.

10 tips to start a manifestation journal

A woman's hand writes with a blue pen in a spiral manifestation journal with a brown cup in the foreground.

1. Be consistent

Make manifestation journaling a part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth or checking your emails.

2. Write in the present tense

Write your manifestations as if they were already a reality. Train your subconscious to believe in yourself and push out self-doubt with positive statements about yourself.

3. Use prompts

Don’t get stuck with writer’s block and use manifestation journal prompts to get inspired. Prompts will make you think about the aspects of your life you never considered.

4. Be present

As you write, let yourself feel the emotions you’d experience if you already achieved all your goals.

5. Be detailed

A blank manifestation journal lays on a wooden stool alongside a cup of takeaway coffee. The ground is covered in a patterned grey and white rug.

Write about your future self in as much detail as possible. What kind of wardrobe do they wear? What is their favorite breakfast dish? How is their office organized?

6. Ignore distractions

Don’t take breaks to check your email or water the plants you forgot to tend. Your journaling time should be focused without any procrastination. Put your phone away and turn off the TV when you’re writing.

7. Make it enjoyable

Treat your daily journaling as a special treat. Light a scented candle as you write, snack on a bowl of fruit or brew your favorite tea when you’re journaling. The more enjoyable the process, the more likely you’ll be to continue.

8. Make it a habit

Don’t wait for inspiration to strike. Set aside a specific time each day to write in your manifestation journal. If you’re struggling, then use habit stacking. Tie in your new habit into an already established routine.

9. Be clear with your goals

Manifestation only works when you know exactly what you want. Be clear and specific. Don’t just write about living a healthier lifestyle. Include what you eat, how you shop for groceries, what self-care you practice and how you move your body.

10. Write about your self-doubt

A manifestation journal makes you more aware of your limiting self-beliefs. Write about them. Confront them head-on and write honestly about where they originate. This awareness helps you conquer your fears.

Manifestation journal prompts

An opened and lined manifestation journal lays on a simple dark wooden table with a black pen resting in the fold.

If you need some inspiration to start your manifestation journal, use these prompts to get writing.

  • What are your career goals? What does your future work life look like? What have you achieved, what impact have you made and what legacy have you left?
  • What is your ideal physical health? How does your future self move and feel in their body? What foods do they eat, how do they feel about their body image and how do they nurture their health?
  • What are your relationship goals? What kind of a marriage or partnership does your ideal future self have? How does your future self relate to others?
  • What are your financial goals? What does your ideal bank account look like? How does your future self manage, invest, save and spend money?
  • What are your creative and personal growth goals? What hobbies does your ideal future self have? What do they enjoy on the weekends, and what brings them joy?

Ask yourself how you want these aspects of your life to look like in a month? In six months? In one year?

Then write about the habits, choices and actions you will take in the coming weeks to achieve those goals.

Journaling tips for beginners

A spiral journal with a mug of black tea on top lays on a white desk filled with white flower, bits of greenery, scraps of paper and a wooden bowl.

A manifestation journal pushes you through your fears to imagine a better life into reality.

But first, get into the habit of writing everyday. Get into the rhythm of journaling daily until it becomes as automatic as brushing your teeth.

Read 17 Powerful Journaling Tips For Beginners (And How To Start) for my ultimate guide to building a writing habit – including insider tips, prompts and techniques.

How to start an affirmation journal

An affirmation journal lays open on a wooden desk next to a cup of coffee and a glass jar of milk.

Do you need an extra boost of confidence to start your manifestations? Try an affirmation journal to ingrain some positive self-beliefs in your mind.

And affirmation journal won’t make your negative self-talk go away. But it will make you a lot more self aware about how you speak to yourself.

Read How To Start An Affirmation Journal: 10 Easy Tips for my ultimate guide.

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