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How To Start An Affirmation Journal (For More Confidence)

If you struggle with negative self-talk, a daily affirmations journal will transform your mindset – and ultimately change your life.

A daily affirmations journal is a place to physically write down positive statements about yourself and your life. And even if you’re satisfied with your current status quo, this practice will foster gratitude and make you happier.

It initially feels strange to write out statements about yourself that you don’t really believe (“I am a healthy and happy person”). But the goal is to shift your focus on positive thoughts and leave less space for negativity.

A daily affirmations journal makes you more self-aware when negative thoughts do come in. And it empowers you to not always believe them.

The benefits: boosts your confidence, helps you cope with stress and anxiety, improves your self-esteem.

Writer’s tip: Don’t rush through your affirmations and really take the time to feel the emotions behind your words.

Daily affirmations example:

I take great care of myself, eat well and take care of my body.

I travel often and take the initiative to explore new places. I create opportunities to travel and I motivate myself to try new experiences.

I love nourishing food and the feeling of air filling my lungs as I walk.

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Do affirmations actually work?

Yes. When you write down positive statements about yourself, you activate the same parts of the brain that having the actual experience would.

Repeating positive statements encourages your brain to regard them as a fact. And when you believe in yourself, your actions will reflect that.

How to write an affirmations journal:

Think about the best version of yourself and your best life. Do you wish you took care of yourself better or traveled more often? Make your affirmations personal and avoid bumper sticker cliches.

Keep your affirmations positive, hopeful and achievable.

Turn those hopes into positive, factual statements about yourself.

Write your affirmations in the present tense and repeat them with conviction. Do this for 3-5 minutes a day.

And don’t forget the key step: action! Affirmations don’t create change unless you behave as if your positive statements were true.

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