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4 Simple Ways To Get Motivated (And Find Inspiration)

If you’re feeling slow and uninspired, here’s how to get motivated and re-ignite your enthusiasm.

If you’re overwhelmed and uninspired – and don’t know where to start to get going again – it can be frustrating to feel that you’re falling behind and not doing enough.

Here’s how to get motivated:

1. Look back and evaluate

how to get motivated

When we step back and understand our strengths and weaknesses, we make more focused and realistic goals going forward.

Take a moment to evaluate why you’re feeling unmotivated and uninspired. Do you have too much on your plate? Are you not delegating enough or asking for help? Or do you need a fresh change in direction?

2. Conquer your inbox

how to get motivated

Your inbox is a frequent source of stress every morning.

To take back control, unsubscribe from newsletters you don’t read.

Give yourself an hour to reply to those “difficult” emails that you’ve postponed. In most cases, emails that have sat in your inbox for days won’t take more than 10 minutes to check off.

Consider more effective systems of communicating with colleagues than a constant stream of emails.

3. Make small and consistent effort

how to get motivated

Making a small but consistent effort is infinitely more productive than dreaming up big goals that leave you feeling overwhelmed.

4. Slim down your to-do list

how to get motivated

Don’t be afraid to turn people away or turn things down when you’re overwhelmed.

If your to-do list feels stressful, it’s not always because you’re not working hard enough.

Review at the end of the day just how much you’ve accomplished. You’ll be often surprised that your day didn’t go as bad as you imagined.

Read more about simplifying your routine in What is Slow Work?


  • Theresa - Fueled By Wanderlust

    My January was suuuper slow as well! I travelled twice during the month, and held down the fort while my husband took a third trip for business. I wrote one new post in January and drafted another, but that fell so short compared to my lofty goals. I have since bought a planner and write down a few main tasks that I make sure to conquer before anything else. I’ve found I don’t need to make a long list, as doing a couple important things leads to me having the momentum to work on other things. Hears to a calmer February!

    • Dee

      I know what you mean.. Sometimes I still underestimate how long it will take to get something done, and I’ve realized that sometimes what seems like a small task actually needs to be broken down even further.. Wishing you a productive February as well!

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