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4 Benefits Of A Staycation (And Why You Should Take One!)

Planning a staycation? A getaway in your own city can be very refreshing. Here are some staycation benefits – and why you should take one!

Travel means a break with routine and a new environment. You’re immersed in another world that makes you forget your everyday problems.

But do you really need to travel far to experience these feelings?

A day away

staycation tips

Routines are stressful. They plunge us into our own selves and our problems. We get stuck in habitual patterns and our thoughts are overrun by repetitious worries. Our fears become the center of our universe.

But when we leave that world – whether it’s a garden in our home city or a pristine exotic beach – our problems shift back into perspective. A staycation lets us then return to our daily life with revived optimism.

Travelling locally

staycation tips

We need to leave our daily environment to recharge.

There’s something great about a day off exploring our home city, in a culture of trendy destinations and status symbol vacations. It’s as simple as seaweed soup at a new Korean restaurant, a debate about a novel plot, or a flower shop filled with white chrysanthemums.

We focus so much on exotic travel that we often forget what our local cities offer.

And it’s often those born in a particular city that take it for granted. When an outsider comes in with fresh eyes, many natives are surprised by the places they often pass by.

Time off

staycation tips

When I worked with a coach for creatives, she encouraged me to take regular breaks without feeling guilty.

We also talked about the importance of white space to dream, imagine and wonder.

But when we discussed vacations, I said I’d only been freelancing for awhile. I don’t have the time or the budget for a big Thai beach getaway – or even a week on the Red Sea.

She asked if a vacation has to be that way. Maybe I could take a week at an AirBnB in a quiet Cairo neighbourhood? Or find a park and spend all day doing nothing?

Because if travel is about new experiences, then those experiences don’t have to be on the other side of the world. A quiet weekend across town can be just as recharging.

And that can mean a lecture at a museum or a new restaurant. All these experiences give our senses the novelty they crave.

If we’re not growing or discovering new interests then we’re stinting our creativity and our work suffers. To get new ideas and motivation, we need new stimuli.

We’ll never experience that if we only reserve novelty for epic bucket list getaways.

We’ll burn out and our lives will be an endless list of tasks and to-dos.

So why save away for vacations that are occasional treats? Why not pack more staycations into our weekends?

Vacations don’t have to be exotic, expensive and faraway. A staycation can mean just a day on the other side of the city.

Here are some staycation benefits:

1. New sensory experiences

staycation tips

New sensory experiences develop and sharpen our tastes and expose us to new perspectives. Whether that’s a jazz concert when you normally listen to rock, a new dish or an up-and-coming painter at an exhibit.

2. New information and knowledge

staycation tips

Knowledge can be a day at a museum diving into history, a trip to a botanical garden and new trees, or a panel discussion on street art.

3. New people

staycation tips

New connections mean different outlooks, shared experiences and fresh insights you’d never think of. Empowerment and inspiration. Shared interests that can develop into collaborations.

4. White space

staycation tips

Time away from work lets you exist without having to be productive. White space is time away from the role your work has created for yourself.

For tips on travelling slowly and mindfully, read 29 Practical Tips for Slow Travel.

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  • Anna Jo

    I read this while taking my breakfast this morning, and it gave me a refreshing outlook on how I view travels and getaways. It’s true, sometimes we don’t need to venture out too far in order to recharge; it can be just nearby, just as long as we pay close attention to our surroundings. We can already rest and gain many insights as we do this. Thanks for sharing! ♡

    • Dee

      I’m happy you enjoyed it, Anna Jo! It’s so restful sometimes to just take a weekend away when you can’t go on a longer vacation.

  • Tracey Bacic

    Getting out of a routine is important. It’s easy to keep doing the same thing without even realising it. It can be as simple as taking a different path/route to a usual location. I also love going to films and museums for inspiration, to have my eyes opened to different things.

    • Dee

      Yes it’s so important to get exposed to new art or films – it keeps our creative juices flowing, especially when we’re writers or creatives ourselves.

  • Mia

    Loved this post (it actually motivated me to look up some new places to go around Melbourne, so thank you!). So often we forget to explore our own homes forgetting that there’s a reason we moved there in the first place!xx

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