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8 Must-Read Slow Living & Minimalism Blogs

Here are the most incredible slow living and minimalism blogs that will inspire you to simplify your life and change your perspective.

1. Becoming Minimalist

best minimalism blogs

best minimalism blogs

Joshua Becker’s journey into minimalism began in suburban Vermont. He was clearing out his garage and realized his possessions were overwhelming his life.

Since then, he’s cut back on clutter to regain control of his energy and time. He’s gone on to write four books on simplifying that brought minimalism to thousands of people.

Becoming Minimalist is excellent for reading up on minimalism and its basic concepts, and on how minimalism impacts our lives.

Becker dives deep into well-covered topics and offers thought-provoking posts on less obvious questions.

2. Giulia Writes

slow living blog

slow living blog

Giulia is a writer and translator living in Scotland. She left finance in 2016 to slow down and live more fully. Her blog narrates her journey into finding happiness and success outside of the 9-5.

Giulia’s beautiful writing always transforms her daily experiences into evocative stories. And it turns her mishaps into reflections to learn from.

I’d recommend:

just because you can, doesn’t mean you have to
Do hard work and consistency really pay off? Sometimes it’s best to listen to your gut and redirect your goals.

getting my confidence back
Comparison kills your confidence. Joy can be felt when you do things and enjoy the process, while letting go of your expectations.

3. Less Less More

minimalism blogs

Brittany is an Arizona mother of two who documents her journey through “simplicity, frugality, slowing down and all other things less.” She’s discovered that having less means more energy and time.

Her blog touches on topics from solitude and silence to her experiences with shopping bans. There are also reflections on camping, minimalism and the outdoors.

My favorites:

One Thing at a Time
Does multi-tasking ever add value? Your to-do lists don’t define you, and instead of being overwhelmed you should focus on doing one thing at a time – and doing it well with your full attention.

Regaining Creativity
Eliminating screen time, answering all your child’s questions and giving them more autonomy encourages them to get creative instead of constantly seeking approval or looking for entertainment.

4. The Minimalists

minimalist blog

With an audience of some 20 million people, a series of books and a Netflix documentary, Joshua and Ryan are the godfathers of the modern minimalist movement.

They’re also the duo behind one of the top minimalism blogs.

They’ve inspired thousands by walking away from their corporate careers towards more meaningful lives. And they shed plenty of clutter and emotional baggage along the way.

Their blog is a well-rounded guide to slimming down all facets of your life from relationships, goals and decision-making to health. Their essays are great examples of how minimalism goes beyond clean aesthetics and home decor.

I’d recommend:

Nightmares of a Perfectionist
Perfectionism is futile, yet it can haunt you in everything you do from writing a perfectly-crafted story to going after your ideal relationship or career.

The UnAmerican Dream
The suburban home, the luxury car, and the corner office are all part of the American dream. But they come at a price.

5. No Sidebar

minimalism and slow living blogs

minimalism and slow living blogs

A project of Becoming Minimalist, this blog is a collection of articles on minimalism, simple living and happiness.

It tackles topics from decluttering to relationships. And I love all the guest posts.

They address minimalism and simple living from multiple perspectives from an array of different writers.

I’d recommend:

50 Simple Things You Need to Hear
Sometimes even a short quote or snipped can change your outlook or make you shift perspectives.

A Lifetime of Change
Minimalism can start with overwhelm and a simple wardrobe clear-out, which can then lead to bigger life-changing realizations.

6. The Simplicity Habit

slow living blog

slow living blog

While moving across country from California to the Pacific Northwest, Julianna realised how much clutter she’d accumulated. This lead her into minimalism and making more time for her daughters.

I’d recommend:

How to have a more relaxing vacation
If you don’t want to come back home more exhausted than you left, book ahead and honor your personality on vacation. Don’t overplan and be patient when the unexpected strikes.

How to live simply in a culture focused on consumerism
To live simply in a society that’s focused on consumerism, you can’t compare yourself to others. Start new traditions (especially around holiday gifts) and practice gratitude for what you have.

7. Simply + Fiercely

slow living blog

slow living blog

Jennifer is a former shopaholic and workaholic who’s passionate about helping others to simplify their lives.

An American living in Australia, Jennifer left her sales job and sold her belongings to move across the world and start her own business.

I’d recommend:

20 Ways I’ve Simplified My Life
From moving to a smaller home to having to do less housework, minimalism impacts many spheres of life.

4 Ways to Stop Letting the Little Things Bother You
How do you keep those minor, everyday annoyances from driving you crazy? Resist the urge to complain (it really won’t get things off your chest), and try to see the humanity in those who annoy you.

8. Zen Habits

minimalism blogs

Leo Babauta’s popular blog offers insights on mindfulness and simplicity in short and engaging essays.

His writing is a fresh perspective on changing your habits.

A father of six living in California, Babauta quit smoking in 2005. Then he added more new habits that eventually revolutionized his life. He shares his simple methods in what’s one of my favorite slow living and minimalism blogs.

I’d recommend:
How to Have More Focused Hours in Your Day
Think of the good you could do if you eliminated distractions and busywork, and focused on your most meaningful tasks.

Why We Struggle to Make Time for Solitude
What would it be like to disconnect everyday for an hour?

Read What is Slow Living? for more on simplifying your everyday life.

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    • Dee

      It’s my pleasure, Giulia.. I really love your blog and wanted to share. And I hope you find some new favorites on the list as well!

      • Sarita

        Just found your blog an am greatly enjoying a ‘slow living stroll’ thru the delicious, informative articles. Thank you for the time and effort you must put into this!
        As a native of the Pacific Northwest,
        reading this article on slow living and minimalism, I had to chuckle at your description of ‘moving across country’ from California to the NW. Really its only a few hundred miles, give or take…I’m sute you know this, but it did give me a chuckle 😂
        Best wishes to you

        • Dee

          Oh thanks Sarita, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! I lived in both Cali and Washington State, and since there’s about 1,300 miles between San Diego and Spokane I’d definitely say “across country” is accurate ;D

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    Hi! Thank you so much, Dee. I try to learn all about slow living and minimalism. Your recommendation is very helpful. I think i will adopt slow living and minimalism in to my life.

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