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2 Days In Taipei: A Perfect Weekend Itinerary

From mouthwatering street food to breathtaking temples, here is the perfect two-day Taipei itinerary to plan your trip. 

Taipei is famous for its bustling night markets and incredible street food. It’s a small island with a lot to offer – from rugged hiking trails to tea houses and historic monuments.

With its iconic Taipei 101 skyscraper, friendly locals and colorful temples, Taipei makes a perfect weekend trip.

I spent a weekend in Taipei and quickly fell in love with the city, its hidden gems and vibrant art scene. It’s an underrated gem that’s well worth exploring. And it left me wishing I could have stayed longer!

Taipei is safe and easy to get around on the comfy MRT. As a solo female traveler, I always felt comfortable wandering alone – even late at night.

two days in taipei itinerary

So where do you begin planning your ultimate two-day Taipei getaway?

Here’s my itinerary that includes the famous night markets, vibrant art scene and cultural gems. Use it to dive into the best Taipei has to offer.

This itinerary is optimized for time and groups nearby attractions together. Because if you only have two days in Taipei, you don’t want to spend them in traffic!

Here is the perfect two-day Taipei itinerary:


MORNING: Longshan Temple

taipei two day itinerary

Lungshan Temple

Start your first day in Taipei at this gorgeous temple built in 1738 by settlers from mainland China.

Longshan Temple opens early and there are short chanting ceremonies at 6 am and 8 am – so get there early for this incredible experience and avoid the crowds.

One of the city’s most famous temples, Longshan is fragrant with incense and vases of purple orchids. It includes both Buddhist elements and alters to Chinese deities in a beautiful mix of traditions.

Most Taiwanese practice a mix of Buddhism and Taoism along with various folk beliefs. And this temple is a testament to that diversity.

taipei two day itinerary

Longshan was built as a Buddhist temple and later added Taoism deities. It now contains more than 100 gods and goddesses.

It’s a vibrant and busy temple that doesn’t feel crowded. Nestled in one of Taipei’s most historic neighborhoods, it’s full of young people and urbanites taking a moment from their day for prayer.

Insider’s tip: Stop at the small stand near the exit to get some fragrant incense, bracelets and other mementos.

Watch the thick incense smoke rise past the ornate roof and up towards the tall apartment blocks for a surreal mix of ancient and modern. Longshan feels very spiritual but still grounded in everyday city life.

AFTERNOON: Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

two days in taipei itinerary

Take a short ride on the MRT to your next stop – the impressive Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

Walk through the sweeping Liberty Square flanked in the north and south by the National Theater and National Concert Hall.

And take a moment to admire this breathtaking space commemorating the former Chinese president and revolutionary leader.

The main monument is a dazzling blue and white memorial to Taiwan’s national hero.

EVENING: Ximending

ximending taipei

End your first day in Taipei in the trendy Ximending district for street food, shopping and a bustling night life.

Ximending is a funky fashion hub filled with boutiques, cinemas, hip cafes, pubs packed with young people and alleys lit up with lanterns and colorful murals.

Known as “little Tokyo,” the district is a haven for fans of Japanese culture. Posters of the scantily-clad women of anime decorate shop windows and Japanese toys and manga are sold everywhere.

Street vendors call out “yummy yummy!” to entice you into trying some of Taipei’s famous street food.

ximending taipei

Dig into some oyster omelets, bite-sized tropical fruit served in plastic baggies and hot sugar cane juice with ginger.

Ximending is a vibrant but perfectly safe pedestrian-only district where you’ll feel comfortable wandering alone.

Explore the cosplay cafes, street art and bubble tea stands. And don’t miss the Taipei Cinema Park for some of the city’s best murals.

Ximending has lots of dinner options too from street food to trendy Korean and Japanese eateries.


MORNING: Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

two days in taipei itinerary

Start your second day in Taipei at Songshan, a park filled with gardens and cafes that are perfect on a sunny morning.

Called the “creative hub of Taipei,” the park is a venue for fashion shows, seminars and exhibits. There are also fun events for children. Check ahead for special events happening during your visit.

Stop at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall where locals stand in awed silence to pay their respects to the hero who overthrew the Qing Dynasty and established the Republic of China.

And don’t miss the Taiwan Design Museum for a fascinating look at Taiwanese and international design.

Taiwan Design Museum

Admire the original French Chanel no. 5 bottle, innovative Taiwanese bicycles and a set of 1990 Taiwanese blades forged from bomb shells.

If you’re a history or design buff, then plan at least a few hours to browse the intriguing exhibits.

Set in a former tobacco factory that operated during Japanese rule, the museum includes collections of furniture, household items and design that blends function with creativity.

And don’t miss the Song Yan Gallery. This beautiful shop is filled with fun and quirky items like illustrated notebooks, Washi tape and pencil cases.

AFTERNOON: Elephant Mountain

two days in taipei itinerary

Head for an afternoon hike in Elephant Mountain next to Taipei 101 for incredible views of the city and its iconic skyscraper.

Take the half-hour uphill hike for sweeping views of the city with the pagoda-inspired Taipei 101 looming towards the clouds.

Elephant Mountain is an absolute must-see in Taipei. And it’s a perfect afternoon breather with its lush green oasis in the middle of the ultra-modern city.


two days in taipei itinerary

two days in taipei itinerary

Finish your two days in Taipei with a ride to the top of the 509-meter skyscraper that was for years the world’s tallest building.

Take the zipping elevator up to the 89th floor’s Observation Deck for unforgettable city views – especially at sunset.

Take in the 360-degree views and the sparkling city lights in the evening. And book your tickets online to beat the crowds.

NIGHT: Tonghua (Linjiang) Night Market

taipei night market

taipei night market

For a late-night dinner, head to the Tonghua (Linjiang) Night Market – about a 20-minute walk from Taipei 101.

Sample Taipei’s incredible street food, browse racks of trendy clothes and explore shops full of Hello Kitty toys and quirky household items.

The delicious sugar cane juice, served hot with a dash of ginger, is perfect on a chilly evening. And the fish patties on a stick are well-seasoned and juicy.

The Tonghua night market offers authentic, local flavors right in Taipei’s downtown.

taipei night market

Tonghua has an endless variety of fruits and veggies, arcades and fast fashion copies of Comme des Garcons.

It’s fragrant with ginger, spices, sizzling fish and fruit.

It’s loud and lively but less touristy than some of Taipei’s more popular night markets.

Specialties include stinky tofu (fermented in a brine mix) and bubble tea. Food stalls are squeezed between shops selling household items and quirky designs.

From candy in illustrated tin boxes to safety pins with cute mushroom heads, you’re sure to find plenty of cute and unexpected souvenirs.

How to get around Taipei

two days in taipei itinerary

The city’s MRT metro is easy to navigate, clean and convenient to just about any major Taipei attraction.

Get an EasyCard at any station and swipe through the gates to begin your trip.

What to eat and drink in Taipei


two days in taipei itinerary

7-Eleven convenience stores stand on just about every corner of Taipei.

And they’re well-stocked treasure troves for quirky local candy, tall cans of green tea and delicious ramen.

Get familiar with your local 7-Eleven and use it for quick stops for late-night beers, snacks and local curiosities.

Bubble tea

Bubble tea, Taiwan

Bubble tea, Taiwan

Chun Shui Tang are the claimed originators of Taiwan’s famous bubble tea. And with some 90 branches around the city, you’re never far from a satisfying cup of the milky drink.

The “bubbles” are tapioca balls that float to the bottom of the tea-based beverage.

And the varieties are endless. Try some bubble tea with a variety of syrups in black, green tea or white tea. Or order it blended with ice cream and blitzed into a smoothie.

Or opt for the classic Original Pearl Milk Tea for a taste of the legend.

Thousands of different shops around Taipei sell bubble tea with lots inside metro stations or tucked between street food stalls.

Hakka cuisine

two days in taipei itinerary

two days in taipei itinerary

Hakka Cuisine is a must-try for any serious foodie in Taipei. This southern Chinese cuisine is virtually unknown abroad but it’s increasingly trendy in Taipei.

Tung Hakka Cuisine is one of Taipei’s best for home-style Hakka dishes in a cozy setting. Plates of tofu, vegetables and seafood make their way around the table on a revolving tray.

The natural flavors of the fish and veggies shine through. And the cuisine offers plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians too.

There are no overpowering spices – but plenty of ginger and garlic.

Hakka-style dishes like mochi are worlds away from what’s widely known as Chinese food. Hakka is definitely a must-try cuisine when you’re in Taipei.

Where to stay in Taipei

amba, Taipei

amba boutique hotel, taipei

This fun boutique hotel is right in the heart of Ximending, a fashion hub filled with cafes, colorful murals and night markets. Known as “little Tokyo,” the district is full of anime posters and shops selling Japanese curiosities.

Amba has a great cafe, a stylish lounge with live music on weekends and a tasty breakfast buffet with lots of local food. Have some noodles for breakfast while leafing through the bookcase of comic books.

Amba is the perfect home base for exploring Taipei.


two days in taipei itinerary

With its incredible street food, bustling art scene and colorful temples, Taipei is the perfect Asian city for a weekend getaway.

Dive into Taipei’s famous night markets or hit a rustic hiking trail for a taste of this island’s incredible offerings.

Use this two-day Taipei itinerary to get a taste of this fascinating city – from its famous monuments to quiet tea houses.

Taipei’s great metro makes it easy to discover the city in just two days.

The city is an underrated gem that will definitely leave you wanting more.

I would love to hear from you. What are you looking forward to visiting in Taipei? 


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two days in taipei itinerary


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