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20 Best Travel Blogs (To Read In 2024)

Here are the best travel blogs who will inspire you to hit the road and take your next adventure in style. 

Whether you’re planning your next bucket list getaway or weekend road trip, these travel blogs will inspire you to explore the world.

And they’ll empower you to navigate different cultures and discover hidden gems along the way.

I love reading travel blogs, especially when they’re written well, honest and full of personality.

And these are some of my favorites. They range from established travel icons to up-and-coming voices.

Read on for inspiration, travel hacks, engaging storytelling and dreamy photography.

These blogs will get you excited about new destinations and help you become a savvy solo traveler.

  • This is an up-to-date list of bloggers who post regularly. Blogs that have gone dormant are not included.
  • This list also includes some hidden gems. These are blogs that haven’t been around for long – but they’re already writing incredible stories that you’ll love!

Here are the best travel blogs to inspire you: 

1. Adventurous Kate

female travel bloggers

female travel bloggers

Kate is often at the top of best blogger lists – and with good reason.

She writes about solo female travel with a rare honesty about its challenges – whether that’s overcoming anxiety to dealing with flat tires on the road.

She’s also hilariously funny.

In a world of travel influencers looking for their next perfect photo opp, Kate’s blog is a reminder about the unpredictability of travel.

And if that means driving 45 minutes down a dirt road for a view that’s blocked out by fog, Kate will always tell the whole story.

Adventurous Kate is an invaluable resource for solo female travel that’s easy, safe and fun.

It empowers women to explore the world. But it’s also honest about issues like sexism and misogony.

Recommended reads: 

female travel bloggers

Why Travel Safety Is Different For Women: is a look at how much women must keep in mind when travelling. And it clears up misconceptions about safety and harassment too.

Solo Female Travelers Over 40: is a great list of inspiring women who often get overlooked in our youth-obsessed culture. It’s also a great resource on how to travel at any age.

2. The Blonde Abroad

best female travel bloggers

best female travel bloggers

The Blonde Abroad boasts stunning photography, no-nonsense travel guides and insider tips for the solo female traveler – and all her bucket list needs.

Kiki is a California native who left her corporate career to travel the world. And she’s now a travel blogging icon for her accessible destination guides and breathtaking photos.

The Blonde Abroad inspires women to travel with confidence. And it’s full of destination guides, packing tips and photography advice that draw on Kiki’s years of experience.

It will inspire you with beautiful images – and tell you exactly how to turn those travel dreams into reality.

Recommended reads:

best female travel bloggers

The Ultimate Survival Guide for Long-Haul Flights: is everything you need to know to stay sane during a long trip – from taking advantage of airport lounges to wearing slip-on shoes to get through security fast.

Lesser-Known Weekend Getaways in the United States: is a great list of American hidden gems to explore off the beaten path.

3. Be My Travel Muse

be my travel muse

be my travel muse

Kristin is a veteran blogger who writes about the power of solo travel – and its ability to empower women.

Whether you’re planning an immersive vacation, or you want to be more confident as a solo female traveler, Kristin’s blog is a treasure trove of inspiration.

Kristin is a Los Angeles native who left her banking job behind and took a one-way flight ticket to Bangkok.

She’s had some incredible adventures and she’s now an iconic veteran of travel blogging.

Kristin is a great storyteller who’s written aboout becoming a Buddhist Nun in Thailand and hitchhiking in the back of a 10-wheeler in Patagonia.

Her blog is full of stories about her weird and incredible adventures, along with personal and vulnerable stories about travel.

Recommended reads:

be my travel muse

Ladies, Take Back Your Power: is Kristin’s incredible story of overcoming abuse and learning to trust again through travel.

I Followed My Grandmother’s Journal Around Europe: is a breathtaking story about Kristin retracing the footsteps of the woman who inspired her wanderlust.

4. Young Adventuress

Young Adventuress

Young Adventuress

Liz is an honest, no-filter storyteller who blogs about her experiences (and misadventures) with a rare authenticity – and some hilarious cynicism.

Liz lives as an expat in New Zealand and travels the world as a full-time travel blogger who’s visited more than 50 countries.

Her destination guides go beyond “must-see” listicles to give you personal stories, insider tips and off the beaten path experiences.

Whether it’s a glimpse into bohemian Istanbul and its elegant avenues or colorful Seville and its water gardens, Young Adventuress gives you personable stories about world-famous destinations.

But Liz is just as brave on the page as she is on the road. And her blog excels at those unabashedly honest stories that have the power to change your mind.

She even has an entire category on her blog titled, “This will probably get me hate mail.”

Liz isn’t afraid to tackle controversial topics. She often writes candidly on issues like the exploitation of animals and the fakeness of social media.

Recommended reads:

Young Adventuress

My big issue with fear and travel: is an empowering story on how to conquer self-doubt and follow your dreams.

Why Experience Still Matters: looks at how social media impacts travel. It’s about how real and imperfect experiences will always trump staged photos taken for likes.

5. World of Wanderlust

World of Wanderlust

World of Wanderlust

World of Wanderlust is an incredible blog for dreamy imagery, luxury travel and elegant guides that inspire you to explore the world in style.

Brooke is originally an Australian and she’s an experienced solo female traveler.

She writes beautifully about cities like Paris, London and New York. She’s also a great source for tips and hacks for your first solo trip.

World of Wanderlust does gorgeous reviews of some of the world’s best luxury hotels. They’ll inspire your next bucket list getaway or romantic weekend.

Brooke also offers expert guides to road trips across Australia and beyond that dive into natural landscapes, luxurious lodges and dining.

Recommended reads:

World of Wanderlust

Solo in Paris: The Best Things to Do in Paris on your Own: is full of slow travel inspiration to this touristic city.

How to travel Solo for the First Time: is a list of practical tips to make your first solo trip memorable. It offers advice on everything from travelling with a book to making new friends.

6. Never Ending Footsteps

Never Ending Footsteps

Never Ending Footsteps

Never Ending Footsteps is an honest and often hilarious blog about exploring the world as a woman safely and adventurously.

And it’s one of the first travel blogs that I really fell in love with.

Lauren is a refreshing, unabashed voice – and an incredible storyteller.

Her destination guides are readable, informative and practical – and some of the best you’ll find online.

Lauren loves travel with a passion. She spent 5 years while at uni working and saving up for her first epic adventure. Then she left her native England on a one-way ticket to travel the world. And she managed to make money blogging to keep her whirlwind tour going.

Lauren calls herself an anti-influencer and doesn’t do any sponsored posts. Never Ending Footsteps is all about achievable and affordable travel done on a real human’s budget.

Lauren is also a huge believer in slow travel. She’d rather spend six months motorbiking across Vietnam than country-hopping to check cities off her list.

She also deleted all her social media to focus on experiences and living in the moment. You won’t find her on TikTok, but you’ll love her travel guides and quirky, relatable travel stories.

Must-read stories:

Never Ending Footsteps

Should you return to the places you love?: is a thoughtful look at how we (and our favorite travel spots) change over the years.

How to spend three magnificent days in Rome: is an ultimate guide to the eternal city. It’s conversational and readable but also immensely informative.

7. Otts World

Otts World

Otts World

Otts World is an all-too-rare female travel blog penned by a middle-age woman in her 50s. It shares years of experience in travel off the beaten path.

Sherry was a “corporate cube dweller” turned world explorer and pioneering blogger known for her adventurous style. She loves the great outdoors, bicycling, hiking, road trips and any sporty activity while traveling.

Otts World offers in-depth travel guides and itineraries packed with tips, maps and everything you need to plan your trip.

There’s also lots of stories about local experiences away from manufactured travel.

Sherry has spent more than a decade travelling solo around the world – without a home, kids or a husband. She now calls Denver her home base as she continues her adventures around America and beyond.

Recommended reads:

Otts World

McDonalds and the RTW Traveler: is all about the pleasures of sinking into the familiar when you’re oceans away from home.

99 Best Life and Travel Tips: is a collection of Sherry’s wisdom gleamed from more than a decade on the road – from picking the aisle seats on long flights to bringing postcards of your home country to give out to locals.

8. A Dangerous Business

A Dangerous Business

A Dangerous Business

Amanda is a small-town Ohio girl and former journalist turned award-winning travel blogger writing about how to fit more travel into your lifestyle.

Her very first trip (to New Zealand) was inspired by the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And she’s been wanderlusting ever since.

Amanda has been to more than 60 countries from her home base in Ohio. And she’s recently launched a blog just about Cleveland too.

But Amanda isn’t your typical digital nomad. And she’s kept a normal life and a regular job in Ohio while navigating the world.

A Dangerous Business focuses on travel that fits into your real lifestyle – including realistic itineraries about how to fit in adventures into two weeks or less of vacation time.

There are plenty of tips on global destinations – and how to make your bucket list dreams happen realistically.

Must-read stories:

A Dangerous Business

You Don’t Have to Ditch the 9 to 5 in Order to Travel: is an invaluable guide to making epic, adventurous trips happen on a realistic schedule.

10 Tips for How to Travel More with Limited Vacation Time: is everything you need to know to book your dream getaway while holding down a regular job.

9. Jessie on a Journey

Jessie on a Journey

Jessie on a Journey

Jessie on a Journey is all about listening to your own inner voice, overcoming doubts and making your travel dreams happen.

It’s also an incredible resource on travel blogging and life as a digital nomad who makes their living online.

Jessie’s guides help you explore the world beyond touristic cookie-cutter itineraries. And they teach you to travel confidently as a woman.

Jessie writes great stories on adventure travel, offbeat itineraries, hiking, cycling, road tripping and getting off the beaten path.

She’s also a certified sightseeing guide who hosts photo walks around her native New York.

Must-read stories:

Jessie on a Journey

25 Crazy travel stories you need to read to believe: is a compilation of wacky stories about mishaps and horrifying blunders.

64 Best non-touristy things to do in NYC: is an incredible list of offbeat activities in the Big Apple, from hidden speakeasies to quirky museums.

10. Oneika the Traveller

Oneika the Traveller

Oneika the Traveller

Oneika is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, Travel Channel host and insatiable world explorer.

She’s bungee-jumped over the Zambezi River, climbed active volcanoes and pushed herself out of her comfort zone. And her blog inspires you to push beyond your own limits.

Oneika also writes compelling stories about traveling as a black woman. And she’s a strong voice for diversity in the travel blogging industry.

Oneika the Traveller boasts stunning photographs that will inspire you to explore new destinations. It also includes tips on saving money on hotels and detailed city guides.

Must-read stories:

Oneika the Traveller

Why are travel blogging and travel media STILL so WHITE? Not only a rant, but also solutions: is a much-needed look at the industry and what can be done to boost diversity.

Why a solo vacation is the best self-care a woman can give herself: is a compelling story about the power of solo travel.

11. Women on the Road

senior travel bloggers

senior travel bloggers

Women on the Road is an all-too-rare travel blog for women over 50 – and an inspiration that shows us it’s never too late to chase your dreams.

Leyla has always loved to travel and took her first solo trip at 15. But it wasn’t until her mid-forties – during a midlife crisis – that she took off for a months-long adventure to see the world.

Women on the Road offer everything you need to make your dream getaway happen: from destination guides to packing for your trip as a solo woman traveller after 50.

Leyla’s advice is always practical, budget-friendly and insightful. And it’s gleamed from her decades of experience on the road, spent navigating different cultures and unusual destinations.

Must-read stories:

senior travel bloggers

Senior Women Travel : Am I Too Old To Travel Solo?: is a collection of stories and comments from middle-aged and senior female travellers.

Hate Solo Dining? 19 Ways That Make Eating Alone (Almost) Fun!: is an extensive guide to making restaurants less daunting.

12. My Life’s a Movie

solo female traveller

best female travel bloggers

Alyssa is a Cuban-American solo travel blogger and adventure junkie who loves doing her own thing, pushing her limits and being spontaneous.

My Life’s a Movie is a great resource on travelling more adventurously, planning affordable trips that fit your budget and taking on the world as a solo female wanderer. It inspires you to take that bucket list trip without breaking the bank.

Alyssa grew up poor with a single mom and worked tirelessly to become one of the world’s top female travel bloggers. At one point, she camped out to make money renting her apartment and took on low-paying freelance gigs before she got established.

Her blog is full of hacks and tips on how to save money for travel, how to plan adventurous getaways and stay safe as a solo female traveler.

Must-read stories:

best female travel bloggers

Yes, I’m Pretty and I’m Traveling Alone: is a biting look at the misconceptions people have about women who travel solo.

30 Most Epic Adventures Before 30 – My Bucketlist: is a compilation of Alyssa’s best travel moments, from Kilimanjaro to Antarctica.

13. Inside the Travel Lab

Inside the Travel Lab

Inside the Travel Lab

Inside the Travel Lab features beautiful writing, insightful stories and thought-provoking guides that take you off the beaten path.

Abi writes about responsible travel, road trips and travel as a family with her husband and young daughter. A doctor turned writer, Abi is one of the most evocative writers in the blogging world.

Inside the Travel Lab dives deeper into worldwide destinations and brings insight into the local’s daily lives and struggles. The blog target curious and responsible travellers who want to explore the world with greater insight.

There are also imaginative travel stories that transport you to faraway destinations – whether you’re planning to visit or not.

Must-read stories: 

Inside the Travel Lab

The Real Importance of Doing Nothing – And Why You Need to Do It More Often: is an eloquent argument for the lost art of rest.

How to be a Responsible Tourist: is a guide to being a good traveller, from getting involved locally to reducing your carbon footprint.

14. Bucket List Journey

solo female travel blogger

solo female travel blogger

Bucket List Journey is about overcoming your fears to make your travel dreams happen – with realistic tips, guides and insider’s advice along the way.

Annette overcame her own crippling anxiety, panic attacks and doubts to travel the world on a slew of thrilling adventures.

She once hit rock bottom and vowed to never let fear control her life again. And now she’s passionate about motivating others to make their bucket list dreams a reality.

Bucket List Journey is full of adventure stories from zip-lining through a Costa Rican rainforest to eating bugs in Thailand.

Must-read stories:

solo female travel blogger

Overcoming Anxiety to Live Your Dream: 8 Tips to Facing Your Fears: is Annette’s inspiring story about overcoming anxiety to travel the world. It’s full of insights about overcoming fear, from recognizing and changing your thought patters to keeping a gratitude journal.

9 Ways to Make Travel More Meaningful: offers tips on making your next trip unforgettable.

15. Alex in Wanderland

Alex in Wanderland

Alex in Wanderland

Alex is a native New Yorker and veteran globe trotter who shares her adventures and guides to worldwide destinations.

She loves scuba diving and sporty activities like climbing, biking and aquatic adventures wherever she goes.

Alex in Wanderland is a great resource if you’re into gorgeous beaches, diving and aquatic sports.

Alex is a PADI ambassador and an underwater videographer, too. She inspires readers to take their first diving trips and is an impassioned believer in reef conservation.

Alex also has helpful list of resources of tried and tested products she uses on the road.

Must-read stories:

Alex in Wanderland

Spending the night in America’s only underwater hotel: the Jules Lodge in Key Largo, Florida: is a mesmerizing look at sleeping in the ocean.

Mermaids are real: the magic of Weeki Wachee: finally clears up the question of the existence of these aquatic creatures.

16. Breathe Dream Go

breathe dream go

12 Must-Read Slow Travel Blogs

Mariellen is an expert on travel in India and Asia – and an incredible storyteller who debunks stereotypes and navigates cultural differences with grace.

Whether she’s writing about the fishermen of Kerala who rallied to save thousands of lives with their fishing boats during floods, or trekking through the Himalayas, Mariellen portrays India as a complex country that can’t be summed up in catchphrases.

Mariellen started travelling at age 45 after the death of her parents and a period of depression.

She set off on a six-month solo trip to India to study yoga and volunteer. And she immediately fell in love with the country.

Now based in Rishikesh, Mariellen’s blog focuses on meaningful travel. She’s dedicated to honest storytelling and authentic experiences.

She writes about spirituality and shares the life lessons she’s picked up in India on how money can’t buy happiness.

Recommended reads: 

best female travel bloggers

What I’ve learned from 12 years of travel in India: tells Mariellen’s story of arriving in India as a travel newbie and then finding herself, taking risks and going beyond her comfort zone.

Stumbling on the road to my dreams: is Mariellen’s story about the power of positivity and gratitude – and overcoming self-doubt to carve your own path in the world.

17. Runaway Juno

solo female travel

solo female travel

Juno is a Korean blogger who left behind her job as a mechanical engineer in Seoul, and defied family expectations, to travel the world.

Since then, Juno’s had a dizzying array of adventures from seeing the northern lights to skiing in the Namibian desert.

Juno is now based in Alaska and continues to travel the world as a way to grow, understand different cultures and discover yourself.

She’s also spoken out against anti-Asian racism and says travel is one of the greatest ways to combat prejudice.

Runaway Juno is packed with destination guides, brilliant content on Alaska and evocative travel stories that pull you into foreign worlds.

Must-read stories:

solo female travel

It’s Time to Spill the Bucket: is Juno’s story of defying cultural norms to travel the world on her own.

My Favorite Places in Fairbanks, Alaska: is Juno’s insider’s look at the city she calls home and its many hidden gems.

18. Wild About Travel

women travellers

women travellers

Wild About Travel focuses on the outdoors, nature and road trips in a more rugged and adventurous style of travel – especially in rural Italy and beyond.

Simon is a veteran independent traveler and a 50-plus blogger who left behind the corporate world to explore the world. Her stories focus on nature, local culture and lesser-known destinations that boast rugged and isolated landscapes.

Wild About Travel includes resources on charming towns, nature and road trips. There are also insightful travel tips and destination guides – especially around Italy and Europe.

Must-read stories:

women travellers

Italy Travel Guide: How to Plan a Unique trip (with insights from a local!): is Simon’s ultimate guide to her native Italy – including some incredible hidden gems from small hilltop towns to alpine scenery.

Nature and landscapes: is a list of stories on getting off the beaten path and diving into rugged nature destinations.

19. Curiosity Saves Travel

female solo travel

eco tourism

Susanna writes about sustainable travel, ecotourism and slow travel in some of the world’s most touristy cities.

Susanna is passionate about responsible and sustainable tourism. And she writes honest guides on everything from responsible travel in vulnerable areas to sustainable travel guides, eco-travel tips and ethical travel.

Susanna left behind her small town in Alaska to travel the world. She lived for awhile as an expat in Munich before she settled down in Vancouver, Canada.

Susanna’s stories empower you with the knowledge to make better travel choices that protect local communities and the environment.

And she’s very passionate about sustainability. She even returned to school in her 30s for a Master’s in biodiversity, wildlife and ecosystem health.

Susanna writes extensive tips on how to reduce your pollution while travelling. She’s also a great resource on vegetarian travel, sustainability and eco tourism.

Recommended reads: 

best female travel bloggers

What is Ecotourism? The Good, The Bad, and Sustainable Ecotourism: is a comprehensive guide to ecotourism – and how to become an informed traveler who’s mindful of nature.

Venice 3-Day Sustainable Itinerary and Slow Travel Guide: is an invaluable resource on how to responsibly visit the city that’s the poster child of overtourism.

20. Yoga, Wine & Travel

solo female traveller

solo female traveller

Flo writes about responsible and ethical travel and beyond-the-ordinary experiences that feature some of her favorite things: yoga and wine.

The Hong Kong-based blogger worked exhausting hours in the corporate world until her health and relationships suffered. She left it all behind to travel, learn new skills and focus on her health.

Flo finished a yoga teacher training program and loves to deepen her practice by incorporating yoga into her travels. Her guides inspire you toward a healthier and more active way of travel.

Flo loves to travel slower and pursue authentic experiences as an antidote to overtourism.

Her stories are a testament of the power of yoga for both fitness and personal change.

Recommended reads: 

best female travel bloggers

20 Things to Do in Hong Kong That Probably Aren’t in Your Guidebook: is full of local insights from the best local markets and street art to offbeat experiences like strawberry picking.

20 Easy Ways to Incorporate Yoga into Your Travels: is all about how to stay active wherever you are.

I would love to hear from you. Which are your favorite best travel blogs? 


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