conrad cairo hotel review
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Conrad Cairo: Hotel And Restaurant Review

Conrad Cairo has great views of the river and delicious food. Here’s how to enjoy your stay – and the best places to eat.

With its facade jutting out from the rows of skyscrapers along the corniche, the Conrad Cairo is a downtown landmark.

Past the front doors, there’s a twirly fountain, indoor palm trees and a swirling staircase in the spacious reception area. The clerks do check-ins from a counter lined with paintings of the Nile River.

Conrad Cairo hotel review

Many rooms overlook the Nile River on the left, with its waterfront villas and restaurants lining the riverbank.

On the right are skyscrapers and the bustling streets and mechanic shops of the working-class neighborhood of Boulaq.

These balcony views are perfect to enjoy the cool evening breeze with a coffee.

The Conrad has earned good reviews for its panoramic Nile views. And the shimmering river is visible from most rooms and from the breakfast buffet.

Conrad Cairo restaurants

conrad cairo restaurants

There are six different restaurants and lounges at the Conrad.

Kamala is a cozy South-East Asian eatery with a dark wood decor and pops of fuchsia. It has an elegant yet intimate feel and serves up Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian dishes.

The Vietnamese rice paper rolls are fresh with subtle flavors and a hint of spice. The Malaysian classic salmon sambal (salmon wrapped in banana leaves) is brilliant with bursts of ginger, tomatoes and enough heat to tease the tongue.

Solana Restaurant serves the hotel’s breakfast buffet: a delectable smorgasbord of American classics like pancakes and oriental favourites like hummus. There are plenty of sunny views of the Nile outside the tall windows.

The Oak Grill Restaurant is an elegant option for dinner.

The tiger prawn ravioli, with roasted red bell pepper and rocket leaf coulis, are creamy and rich. The main of sea bream fillet is juicy and flavorful. For dessert, the creme brulee is nicely done with forest berries on the side.

Jayda Nile Terrace is a shisha lounge in the evening. The crowd is into their water pipes and the place is a cozy spot to take in more Nile views.

Conrad Cairo nightclub

Stage One draws a sleekly-dressed party crowd for cocktails and pounding music with the Nile waters sparkling outside.

The Stage One Martini is the bartender’s specialty: a sweet and spicy concoction of vodka with hibiscus, cranberry juice, sparkling wine and cinnamon infusion.

The swimming pool

The swimming pool at the Conrad is filled with greenery and sweeping Nile views.

Children take swim lessons and families relax in lounge chairs. It’s quiet and laid-back, even if you can still hear the surrounding bustling neighborhood.

Ramadan at the Conrad

ramadan conrad cairo

ramadan conrad cairo

The Conrad is a great spot to spend leisurely summer Ramadan nights.

There’s an iftar buffet complete with all the classics and an array of traditional Ramadan drinks.

Shisha and live music make it a comfortable lounge to spend an unhurried evening.

Cooks serve up favorite street food classics like grilled corn – just for the holidays.

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  • Leta

    Ahh, this sounds like a wonderful stay! I’m also not a huge fan of nightclubs, so high-five, haha! Currently, my favourite city escape was in Ljubljana where I stayed at a former military prison turned to a cool and hip hostel. It was such a unique experience! x

    • Dee

      Thank you, Leta! It was a great couple of days that really made me forget about the Cairo city rush.. And I don’t know how well I’d handle a prison-turned-hostel, but I do love those quirky hostels where old buildings regain new life.

    • Dee

      Me too, Audrey! I love how the Nile views at the Conrad peek out from the corners at various points of the hotel when you don’t expect them.

  • Image Earth Travel

    Wow this looks so lush compared to the hovel I stayed in back in 1985, when I was solo-backpacking the globe.

    Just noticed you moved your site, is this because you’ve gone self-hosted, or other? I’m curious as I’m thinking of doing the same. Many thanks, Nilla

    • Dee

      Hi Nilla, yes I moved because I wanted my own domain.. I’ve got a lot more control now over the blog’s design, plus it’s nice not to have that “” in the URL! 🙂

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